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CARBON The best ever durability.

Unparalleled durability of carbon fibre guarantees the highest resistance to breakages and mechanical stress of objects like debit and id cards.

Carbon fibre is a kind of next generation material. It is characterized by high durability (3 times stronger than steel) and unparalleled weight (30% lighter than aluminium). Initially it was applied only in avionics and aeronautics. Lately it has become accessible at a mass scale. VIDEO: Zooming in on Carbon Fiber

PAY PASS SECURITY You decide who can access your debit card.

CARBONETTE will help you to secure your valuable data which has been saved on your debit cards and documents.

Modern debit cards are equipped with RFID chips which enable touch payments. This makes life easier but on the other hand it may threaten the privacy. CARBONETTE prevents RFID waves to bypass it for this reason you can enjoy credit cards forgetting the privacy issue. VIDEO: Credit Card Users Exposed to Fraud

DESIGN Bet on an elegance.

You can be elegant both making your cards and documents safe.

CARBONETTE measures only 8.5 mm with just 6 cards inside. It is one of the smallest and lightest wallets on the planet. The CARBONETTE design was inspired by elegance and usability. In is the wallet which can assist you wherever you go either the party or everyday jogging.

PERSONALIZATION Quit a routine. 

Choose your own band and 3d print your own customized inscription or logo.

Each wallet set comprises 2 bands of the colour you choose. If you want to personalize your CARBONETTE, our 3D printers will print on the band whatever the logo or inscription you want.